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At the end of the day, there were still no noticeable improvements in anything that mattered. Im not going to say that hypothesis 2 is busted. The articles are on the web, they have the link back, it is being picked up at least by someone, and the page rank is considerable. What I am going to do is give my two cents:I realize the jury is still out on many of these websites as half of my articles are still in review, but frankly, thats also part of my point. In that 1. 5 hrs I could have written a nice post, maybe had it guest posted and experienced immediate, tangible results in terms of more subscribers, views, and still achieved some sort of a page rank benefit. Article directories just dont seem efficient and frankly Im a little annoyed at how long the review process is. Invest your time somewhere else, like hopping on one foot and singing Im a little tea pot. However, if you are interested in article directories, here is the list that I gathered NOTE: I did not submit to all of these. article submission. phprticleCube.

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How Do I Get My Real Estate License In Va

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Can You Get Your Real Estate License Online In Florida
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