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Elected directors of the Board shall be elected by the Association of Congregations at its annual meeting. The Board shall serve as the nominating committee to the Association of Congregations for the selection of candidates to serve as elected directors of the Board. The composition of the elected directors of the Board shall be no fewer than twenty four 24 and no more than twenty eight 28 directors. At least twelve 12 elected directors, the exact number to be determined by the Board, shall be at large directors nominated by the Board and elected by the Association of Congregations without contest. At least twelve 12 but no fewer than half of the elected directors must be members of congregations that are members of the Association of Congregations, and at least four 4 of these must be rostered ELCA clergy. 4.

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Four campus based organizations the College and University Food Bank Alliance, the National Student Campaign Against Hunger and Homelessness, the Student Government Resource Center, and the Student Public Interest Research Groups surveyed college students on food insecurity between March and May 2016. The study sample includes 3,765 students in 12 states attending eight community colleges and 26 four year colleges and universities. The sample was assembled using in person recruitment, and represents about 0. 5% of the students attending those 34 institutions. The study also took a close look at the approximately 1,800 students who reported experiencing food insecurity in order to better understand their experiences. Students experiencing food insecurity often also suffer from housing insecurity, such as difficulty paying the rent, mortgage, or utility bills. Problems with food or housing harm students educational efforts. Of the food insecure students in the study, 32 percent believed that hunger or housing problems had an impact on their education. These students reported a range of consequences:Food insecurity is a problem even for students who are employed, participate in a campus meal plan, or seek other financial or material help. These findings reinforce the growing understanding that food insecurity presents a serious challenge for todays college students, and highlight the need for additional research to better understand this problem and explore effective solutions. School leaders and policymakers can take a number of steps to help lessen student food insecurity and reduce its threat to educational quality and student success. We are committed to ending hunger and homelessness by educating, engaging, and training college students to directly meet individuals immediate needs while advocating for long term systemic solutions. Welcome. Please use the resources on this page to familiarize yourself with some of the technology available at Cornell College. The beginning of a new academic year is a thrilling time for college athletes on campuses across the country. Thousands of young men and women will compete in fall sports, from football and field hockey to cross country, soccer and volleyball. They are diverse and they come from all over the world, but they have one thing in common. They are college students chasing their dreams and working hard to earn degrees. While this is the reality, our critics often dont see it that way and they have sued in court, claiming college athletes are exploited. They claim the system isnt fair. They want to dismantle intercollegiate athletics and replace it with a flawed model that would professionalize sports played by college students. Critics and plaintiffs lawyers say students who play sports should be paid salaries. They favor allowing the students to unionize. They see them as employees. The cynical view critics have comes from a distorted picture created by the relatively small number of athletes who leave college early to go pro. They mistakenly believe many of our athletes are merely taking detours through college, just waiting to get drafted.

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