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In this IELTS Bar Graph Model Answer. At the opposite end of the scale lecturers work only around 25 hours. Write a report for a university lecturer describing the information shown in the diagrams below. ielts simon. Ielts writing task 1 paper . This bar chart shows the levels of spending of a family on three household items gas food and clothing.

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The end of their devious plan was the Canadian folks defeating a 1995 secession referendum by a very close, 50. fifty six% to forty nine. 44% electoral defeat, this did not finish the plans of merging the nations although. In keeping with McConnell, a former federal decide, although the president could refuse to implement laws he believes are unconstitutional, the Justice Departments Workplace of Legal Counsel which provides opinions to the president on such issues has always insisted that the president has no authority, as one such memo put it in 1990, to refuse to enforce a statute he opposes for policy reasons. In Czechoslovakia as nicely harsh communist environment, inspired people for a Reform, which off beam quickly modified to a motion for Velvet Revolution which was coin thereafter for revolutions with reformative apparatuses. That was the start of so known as Coloration Revolutions, nonviolent regime modifications in ex soviet states. However one other odd incidence took place, for the first time since and then the American President impeached, Andrew Johnson 1808 1875, 17th president of the United States 1865 1869 impeached accused of violation of the Tenure of Office Act and the command of the military provisions of the Military Appropriations and likewise another one which conveys that Johnson had attempted to undermine Congress. Save what aforesaid Johnson was professional blacks and support them, so simply and violently he removed. Tattooed youth are more likely to have interaction in sexualintercourse, take to alcohol and drugs, and exhibit violent habits, and dropout of high school by as much as 4 occasions compared to non tattooed youth. Ive left myself open to simply this sort of thing many instances, admits one professor, and Im amazed at how few students have grabbed the freebies that have been available to them. Instantly previous the clergy in the funeral procession, two marines carrying black scarves escorted the horse, who carried the finals saddle, holsters, and pistols and boots reversed in the stirrups.

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This is effective, because in terms of life events such as college, wmotion is more important than statistics. However, I see the value in a college education personally. In the article, "Are Too Many People Going to College?", the author Charles Murray argues that although attending college is encouraged, it is not the only way to guarantee a successful life nor is it the only option after high school. Murray argues that the educational system we have in place today pressures young people to strive for college and college only, disregarding whether they are truly interested or prepared for higher education. He states, "One aspect of this phenomenon has been labeled misaligned ambitions, meaning that adolescents have career ambitions that are inconsistent with their educational plans. " Page 10, paragraph 4 High school students are often told the only way to have a successful life is by going to college by their guidance counselors, making it seem like those who don't pursue higher education are living unsuccessful lives, which is not the case. Guidance counselors are instructed to steer as many students to attend college but this often leads students especially those who aren't academically adept or sure of what to they want to become to "aspire to be attorneys or physicians without understanding the educational hurdles they must surmount to achieve their goals. " Page 10, paragraph 4 If the student cannot surpass the educational hurdles college presents them, then the time and effort they have put into that course will seem useless, stigmatizing the failure to complete college even further. Students aren't informed that there are other paths beside college where they can put their knowledge and skills to better use, and live an equally or better life than someone who attended college and earned a degree they can't put into use. College is not for everyone nor is it the best choice. Furthermore, there are so much factors that contribute whether you attend college such as finances, family or intelligence therefore I agree with Charles Murray. I agree that although college should be encouraged, it does not mean it is the only choice. It is true that college provides opportunities but it is over valued. Whether you attend college or not, there are multiple paths in life that can lead to success and happiness. In the article, "Are too many people going to college?", the author argue that going to college to receive more education for thing jobs that might not necessarily require full diploma is still a good idea to go to college. I agree with all the authors points that were made through out the article. extended your knowledge to get better opportunities in whatever one is looking for is good. it leads to more pay as well. The author of this article "Are Too Many People Going To College?" argues that American colleges are being flooded with teenagers who are either unprepared for higher education or who are simply forced into attending college and don't succeed because of the lack of natural abilities. Murray also makes many points with America's obsession with college education as a standard for the highly intellectual and the article does not take into consideration the different interests and reasons that can lead to student success, without being aware where the student is on Murray's ability ladder. Paragraph 13. I feel that college is not for everybody. Society pushes students that do not have the intellectual ability to succeed and in most likely hood will drop out. We should provide more options, example vocational schools that will help them succeed. Not everyone that goes to college ends up successful. In the article, "Are Too Many People Going To College?", Charles Murray argues that the higher education system and environment surrounding it are broken. The main idea he develops is that college makes sense for those at the top of the academic ladder, but is pointless for lower academically achieving students. He argues that, the lower a student's linguistic ability, the lower the chances that they will enjoy a liberal education's focus on dense literature and the higher the chances they will drop out or simply not enjoy it. Instead of going to college, he claims, more high school graduates should become artisans, electricians, and all other sorts of skilled workers that depend less on a liberal college education and more on practical experience. For some, the financial and intrinsic rewards of a high tier practical job will vastly outweigh the potential gains from college and a B. A. E. Norrish Dinner, reception marks 60th anniversary Coach room of the Empress Hotel was the setting when Mr. and Mrs. A Ernest Norrish marked their diamond wedding anniversary at a dinner on August 10 with 50 members of the Norrish family attending. Later in the afternoon a reception was held there when friends and neighbors called to congratulate the couple.

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