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1944 There were not enough men attending Ricks for a basketball team. Intramurals provided an opportunity for the few boys attending to compete. Total male enrollment dropped to 14 at one point. "School spirit does not refer alone to cheering crowds at a college football game, or stamping of feet and clapping of hands as the college band plays 'Happy Ties. ' A shattered flag flying from a tree in Okinawa would inspire as much spirit of Americanism as would a beautiful silk flag flying from the Capitol dome. We here at Ricks can have just as much school spirit .

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After discovering the magazine article, Hunter remembers the challenge of getting her grandmother to acknowledge that she had survived the attack and been placed in an internment camp. She didnt want to talk about it, Hunter says. I think it was a combination of the trauma and fear. Hunter is taking it upon herself to help ensure her grandmothers experience is remembered. Shes among more than a dozen local Tulsans starring in Tulsa 21: Black Wall Street, a new play about the race massacre and its aftermath, which will run in the city at the end of June. Many of the people in the all black, all volunteer cast are first time actors who joined the production to learn more about their citys history. The play interweaves the perspectives of both white and black Tulsans from the 1920s and the modern era. In one rehearsal I observed, 27 year old Geren Davis alternated between a swaggering portrayal of Dick Rowland and a ragefully despairing depiction of Andre Harris, the brother of Eric Harris, an unarmed black man killed by Tulsa police in 2015. I got so emotionally attached, Davis told me. It was almost like I wasnt acting anymore like I was really his brother and really mad about the whole thing. The play is being directed by Tara Brooke Watkins, a theater professor at Eastern Nazarene College near Boston. Though Watkins is a Tulsa native, she didnt learn about the burning of Black Wall Street until she was in graduate school at Emerson College. Later, after researching the history of Greenwood, she returned to Tulsa to host story circles with local residents, where they discussed their own dealings with racism and how they related to the 1921 massacre. Andre Harris was among the participants. Those insights are also included in the play. Its so foundational to Tulsas history, and most kids have never heard about it, she says of the massacre.

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